Stop TB Partnership

It’s estimated that 10 Million people worldwide fell ill with TB in 2018. And 1.5 Million of them died from the disease. But TB is curable. It’s clear that our traditional toolkit is simply not adequate or sufficiently effective.

Fortunately, emerging technologies show significant promise in addressing the unmet needs of people affected by TB. AI-powered tools are helping care providers with everything from diagnosis to data analysis. Adherence technologies support patients and enable differentiated care. Custom dashboards are informing care decisions and facilitating virtual, patient-centric consultations. And new digital health technologies are being developed every day.

The Challenge

Innovators still struggle to effectively introduce and scale new technologies, particularly in resource limited or remote settings. This is often called the “innovation delivery gap.”

The Role & Impact

To help bridge this gap and better meet the needs of TB patients in high-burden countries, the Stop TB Partnership engaged The Arcady Group to advise on promising digital health technologies, define innovator pathways, and assemble best practices. The result of the engagement is a website that can be accessed by innovators, country programs, and global health professionals around the world.  This website and the “delivery” information it conveys, especially when combined with “innovation Spotlights” and other assistance from the Stop TB Partnership, is expediting the development, uptake, and scale-up of health-enhancing innovations for TB patients.

2019 – 2020

  • Curated and developed a searchable database of TB-appropriate digital tools,
  • Developed country-specific pathways for the introduction and scale-up of digital health technologies,
  • Advised and supported the Stop TB Partnership in the development, design, and launch of the Re-Imagining TB Care website
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