We serve as adherence subject matter experts to Novartis Digital Medicines. In this capacity, we help:

  • identify treatments that are unforgiving to poor adherence
  • determine patients or patient demographics that have particular issues with medication adherence
  • match those treatments and those patients with adherence technologies or digital solutions that can address these adherence challenges, enhance patient care, and improve health outcomes

Novartis Digital Medicines

2017 – Present

  • Served as Adherence Subject Matter Expert
  • Advisory services related digital health technologies and technology-enabled patient care

Our understanding of the human organism, in both health and disease, is exceptionally primitive. It requires a strange combination of audacity and foolhardiness to believe you can create a product that will impact disease in a meaningful way. We need to bring our best technology — biological and digital — and our most creative people together to work on this monumental challenge.

Vas Narisimhan, Novartis CEO

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