Medicines for All Institute

We serve as advisers to the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Engineering’s Medicines For All Institute, a Bill & Melinda Gates-funded initiative to transform pharmaceutical manufacturing processes to reduce raw material costs and, thereby, improve patient access to life saving global health medications.

Strategy and Organizational Enhancement Advisory Services

The Challenge

The price of many medications often puts them out of reach of those who need them most. Innovators and generic manufacturers have very few incentives to reduce manufacturing costs. The M4ALL institute was founded in 2017 to improve global access to high-quality medications by driving down API and other treatment costs.

The Role & Impact

The Arcady Group assisted in the development of a detailed business plan and grant proposal for the scale-up of M4ALL, which resulted in M4ALL receiving a $25MM grant from the Gates Foundation to increase access to life-saving medications. Bruce serves as Gates Foundation Relationship Manager for M4ALL and also continues to serve as a Senior Adviser to M4ALL, helping to address capacity, throughput, organizational enhancement challenges as M4ALL continues to scale-up.

2016 – Present

  • Strategic plan development
  • Funder and market engagement
  • Organizational development and enhancement-related support
  • Business process enhancement, focused on capacity expansion and throughput

With the grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, scholars and researchers with the Medicines for All Institute will tackle the difficult work of improving the quality of life for those facing health-related adversities. Along with my colleagues, I look forward to witnessing the good that will result from VCU’s work to develop affordable pharmaceutical treatments that will improve the human condition for those who may have lost hope.

Mike Rao, VCU President

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