India TB Summit

India TB Summit 2251 1614 The Arcady Group

Bruce Thomas, Founder & CEO of The Arcady Group, was honored to be a part of the first Indian summit, Reimagining TB Care in India, which was curated jointly by leading national and global experts and Survivors Against TB. These survivors both understand and have lived the experience of facing TB in its severest forms and understand the social, economic and cultural circumstances in which individuals address TB. The advocates and experts have significant experience working in medicine, public health, and with communities. Based on this knowledge, we advocate with key stakeholders on the changes necessary to make TB care more accessible and patient-centric in India.

The summit was a two-day event that brought together communities, experts, clinicians, public health workers, policymakers, and advocates. The approach was to curate informative and accessible dialogues and panels to explore the key issues in TB care from diverse and nuanced perspectives to increase audience understanding about TB in India and to reimagine TB care in India.

Survivors Against TB’s vision is to create multi-disciplinary dialogues on an annual basis that bring forth multiple perspectives on key issues in TB targeted at India’s public and health policy makers. The event’s goals were to:

  • Highlight key TB issues in an accessible and comprehensible manner
  • Provide evidence based approaches to issues in TB such as diagnosis, treatment, research, and rights-based care
  • Identify solutions, innovations and transformational strategies for these issues
  • Provide key points of learning and action with regard to these issues

Bruce led a presentation on how digital adherence technologies inform and enable more concordant care for persons affected by TB.

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